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Winter is the best time of the year…to stay indoors. The weather gets cold, the snow starts to fall, the sun goes down earlier, and it becomes really easy to curl up under a blanket and refuse to leave the house. If you want to wait out the winter in a state of semi-hibernation like a woodland creature, then go right ahead. But be aware, that spending all that time indoors means that your home will probably get messier than usual. Dishes can pile up in the sink, trash can be left out on the counter, and it might be hard to imagine changing out of your pajamas while the weather is bad, but keeping a clean home won’t only help you feel better, but it may even help you fight off seasonal depression and colds.

You may be asking yourself where to start. Well, unwrap yourself from your winter blanket and get to work.

Winterize your entryway

Snow is beautiful, but it makes it really easy to track water and dirt into your home. I recommend having two mats at your entryway, one on the outside of the door to wipe your feet and one on the inside of the door to leave your shoes on. This will prevent you from tracking in snow and subsequently stepping on it in your socks. Seriously, what’s worse than soggy socks?

Keep a coat rack by your front door if possible to prevent you from bringing in snow stuck to your coat. You don’t want to fling snow all over the place taking your coat off over your carpet.

Replace your furnace filter

Furnace companies recommend replacing your filter every quarter, but let’s be honest, that’s not going to happen. If you’ve ever replaced a furnace filter, though, you can tell by looking at it that it works. Replacing your furnace filter during the winter is important for improving the air quality of your home. This is especially important since you’re going to be spending so much time inside.

Clean your carpet, upholstery, and rugs

If you’re staying inside all day, then it is important to do what you can to have good air quality. Your carpet, upholstery, and rugs help improve your indoor air quality in the same way that your furnace’s filter helps improve air quality. Dirt and dust in the air get trapped in them and need to be removed. Vacuum often and don’t forget to have a professional cleaning done every now and then to get the dirt and dust out of the deeper parts that vacuums can’t reach.

“Clutter” is still bad

a cluttered room“It’s not dirty, it’s just cluttered” is pretty much my catchphrase in the winter. It’s especially easy to let our homes get cluttered because hunkering down on the couch can seem much more inviting than putting away our clothes and dishes. Clutter might not affect our physical health as much, but it can make our home feel smaller and our lives feel more disorganized, which can be difficult for your mental and emotional health.

Enjoy being a hermit

Winter isn’t the favorite season for very many of us, but it’s nice to have time to spend indoors resting. So make the most out of your winter by taking care of yourself and keeping your home clean.


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