Imagine yourself, home from a long day of work. You are tired and are ready to watch a movie and bundle up with some hot chocolate. After you get your hot cocoa ready, you take it over to the couch. On your way there, you slip on some melted snow that your kids dragged in. Hot chocolate goes everywhere, staining your carpet. The truth is, the winter months are full of many things that make your carpet vulnerable to stains and messes. Here are some ways that Chem-Dry can save your carpet this winter season. 

a frozen winter landscape

Get rid of those hot chocolate stains

We all love hot chocolate and we know that your kids do too. Sometimes accidents happen though. Before you know it, your carpet has glaring stains that you can’t get out! You might be scrubbing away on end trying to get those gnarly stains out or trying to move furniture around to hide them. While this might work for a little while, you can save time and energy with Chem-Dry’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Services. We take pride in removing even the worst of stains so you and your family can enjoy the winter months without worrying about those nasty stains!


Keep that muddy snow outside

Playing in the snow is a fun way to pass the time during the winter, but that also means that you have to spend just as much time, or more, cleaning up as you did playing. The dirty snow can make your carpet look filthy and unpleasant for guests. It can cause unhealthy risks that your family shouldn’t have to endure. A simple carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry can leave your home healthier, happier and cleaner. 


Avoid unwanted illnesses

The winter months can be an environment that promotes and creates nasty illnesses. These illnesses can increase stress and cause you to miss out on fun activities around you. Most carpet cleaning companies just clean the surface of the carpet, cleaning only the grim on top. Chem-Dry cleans deep within the fibers of the carpet which removes unwanted dirt and allergens from your carpet. With environmentally clean carpet and upholstery cleaning, your home will be cleaner and fresher than ever with Chem-Dry! 


Get ready for guests with a clean house

The holidays are filled with a lot of guests coming over to stay in your home to enjoy the festivities with you. Though this can be a joyful and exciting time, it can also be stressful to make sure everything is ready and clean. Check at least one thing off the list by calling Chem-Dry to make your carpets clean and fresh. Not only will you feel better about having your guests over, your guests will be impressed by your clean home. 


The winter months are full of excitement, bundling up, and being with loved ones. Let Chem-Dry make the season even better. Give us a call today!

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